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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Every time you step on your carpet, dirt grinds on the carpet fibers and damages your carpet. If you constantly clean your carpet, you will keep your carpet from fine grains and grease that wear out your carpet. This way, it will be maintained and so you'll not need to do regular replacements. You can use any of these methods to do the cleaning: hot water extraction or dry cleaning method.

Hot water extraction

With this method, a hot water cleaning solution is pressured into your carpet. Then, a powerful machine is used to extract the water from the carpet fibers. The deep cleaning action of this process penetrates through every single fiber and extracts almost all the moisture pumped into the carpet.

There is a common misconception that hot water will damage your carpet. Do not be driven to believe in this lie. Even the world's largest manufacturers of carpet recommend the use of hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. Carpets are just like any other thing- the dishes or clothes- and so hot water is more effective for cleaning than cold water.


Unlike hot water extraction, the dry cleaning method is not done like the dry cleaning of clothes. This is because all methods of cleaning carpets under this category (dry chemical, dry foam, and dry compound) use water in one form or another. These dry cleaning methods are suitable for cleaning lightly soiled carpets.

Dry foam: In this case, your carpet is shampooed and allowed to dry. Then it is vacuumed to remove foam and any impurities. This method is old-fashioned and is not commonly used because it can leave soil-attracting residues in the carpet.

Dry chemical: this method is similar to dry foam only that it involves the use of a rotary machine to rub your carpet and absorb dirt. It's an ineffective method because it fails to achieve a deep clean. It may also damage your carpet fibers.

Dry compound: this method involves spreading an absorbent compound over your carpet and then brushing it into the carpet using a machine so that it can absorb dirt into the mixture. Once it is dry, a vacuum is used to remove the compound. This method is more effective in removing dirt and residues compared to the dry foam and dry chemical.

Remember not everyone can clean your carpet. Let a professional cleaner choose the best method and do the cleaning for you.


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